Sirlion Tips

The sirlion tip strips I had on hand weighed just under a pound.. I was going grill kabobs with them but the weather yesterday just wouldn’t cooperate 😬 And of course I have to leave out today on a load..

So after I made and had my breakfast of squashed chicken and a salad, ( yes I eat dinner for breakfast and visa versa sometimes 😛 ) I figured I might as well use up the onion and baby bellas.. I’m glad I did, this will be great to alternate with the chicken this week 😊

About a pound of sirlion tip strips cut into bite size pieces

1/2 medium Vidalia onion sliced thick

8 baby bella mushrooms sliced thick

8 mini red and orange sweet peppers quartered

Himalayan Pink salt coarsely ground to taste

Coarsely ground black pepper to taste

2 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp EVOO

Coat pan with EVOO

Spread veggies in pan

Spread meat evenly across the veggies

Add dry spices

Spread the minced garlic on top of meat

Put in preheated oven 450 f about 15 minutes or until meat is done..

Serve over white or brown rice or bowtie pasta or egg noodles..

Yum Yum 😄

The tasty juices can be thickened with some cornstarch but I’ll let the juices be as they are..

UPDATE about 11 hours since the post..

I had my first meal from the sirloin tips and taste tested it until it was gone 😁

Each forkful seemed better than the last.. And it took only 20 minutes to put together.. I wanted a salad with my meal but didn’t want to get into chopping up veggies.. And really I felt like a wilted spinach salad.. So here’s what I did..

I boiled my bowties in beef broth in my little silicone steamer which is a fantastic “in the pot” colander for draining the liquid away right back in the pot.. Essentially, pasta goes from pot to bowl, no draining liquid at a sink (which I don’t have anyway in the truck ) 👍



Then I crumbled a small handful of corn tortilla chips and put them to the side..

When the pasta was ready I took the spinach and beef tips out of the fridge..

First in the bowl was half the pasta, then immediately added a healthy dose of spinach and topped that with the rest of the pasta, then topped that with the beef tips and sprinkled the tortilla chips on top..

I took the finished pic within a minute of assembling it together, if you look closely, the darker green in the spinach is the wilting action from the bowties.. After about 2 minutes I began gobbling it down.. The beef tips and sauce had become room temp the spinach and pasta were warm like I was aiming for.. And the minced garlic is deliciously dotted throughout.. This was a pretty lazy concoction from the simple roasting of the veggies and sirloin tips this morning and only needing to cook some pasta this evening.. The dish itself cooked the finishing touches 😄

I can’t tell you how much it tickles me to find short cuts that have great results.. Short of winning the lottery, it feels pretty darn good 😉





18 thoughts on “Sirlion Tips

    1. I made two other meals of it that gave good variety for later in the week.. When I can maintain a decent signal to upload a picture, I’ll post them 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is Sooooooooooo true.. I never would’ve imagined just how dependant I am on the cell phone.. I use it for email and all internet use, navigation 😕
        I use the phone too once in awhile too 😁

        My provider must have rolling outages because it seems to be bad almost everywhere I’ve been rolling lately..
        Its when the navigation goes out that gets my goat.. The irritating voice chirps “data connection lost” at the very worst times 😮

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      1. I just tried watercress for the very first time about a month ago or so.. Huge plus since it’s so nutrient dense.. But I still hold my belief that chocolate is the ultimate super food 😉


    1. I just did, for dinner this evening, and I have about 2 more servings of the sirlion tip recipe to figure out what to make it into next 😄
      I might just have it over jasmine rice in a couple of days 😊

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    1. Thanks Allan, I’m glad to have time this morning to cook and post.. 😄
      I changed the pic after I stirred it, the first pic I took with the flash and the meat looked raw.. I think the peppers were reflecting on the color of the meat..
      I have so much reading to catch up on, just on your posts alone.. Hopefully I’ll get some time tonight to read, I saw some eye catching posts of yours in my email..

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