Pan’s Pan Phried Plantains

I’m over my fear of plantain monsters now πŸ˜‰

Thanks to Carol and my sister, I grabbed that other green (now yellow and black) plantain from my veggie/fruit box.. I didn’t get to the store so had to work with what I had..

First, these are extremely hard to peel.. Mine was ripe and still didn’t want to peel.. So this it what I did :

Cut the plantain in half horizontally, then in half lengthwise.. pushed my thumb under the peel and it slipped off each 1/4 perfectly.. Don’t know if green ones will do as well..

I then cut the fruit up into bite size sections.. And put them in a skillet with about a quarter inch of hot canola oil..

Fried to golden brown on each side..

Now this is where you’re supposed to take them out of the skillet and smash them.. I have a tiny kitchen and will avoid unnecessary steps that won’t affect the end result..

I instead took my silicone spatula and covered each piece and squished down on the spatula with a metal tablespoon.. It was pretty easy and I’m surprised they didn’t slide around on me..

πŸ‘ Time and effort reduced..

All the while they were frying.. When I was done squishing, it was time to flip them again..

Placed them on the paper towels and covered them with paper towels and lightly pressed..

I figured I’d go slow with adding flavoring.. So I put a drop of lime concentrate on a piece and tasted it..

That lime concentrate settled the matter.. They were perfect, sweet and savory !!! They were gone in no time 😊

I highly recommend this simple method..

And really looking forward to exploring more in both ripe and unripe of this wonderful starchy fruit..


12 thoughts on “Pan’s Pan Phried Plantains

    1. Me too.. up until a few years ago they were an anomaly in with the bananas, I just mildly noticed, and walked on by..

      When you try them, I urge you to get a green one and let ripen to yellow/black..

      It took the one I had a good ten days to ripen to perfection.. Even though I had no clue or plan at the time.. Cook and season them, either my way or the correct way, and I’m positive you will be plantain pleased 😊

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      1. Interesting ….. It sounds like the strategy I adopted for kaki fruits in France …. I was warned they are mouth puckering my sour so I played awaiting game – turns out when ripe they are sweet and luscious but they just take ages to get there. I will cook them your way because I trust you – ever since those blackberry grands …. How I love those blackberry Grands!!!

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      2. I still make them too 😁 sometimes I’ll add a touch of stevia to the fruit if it isn’t quite the sweetness I’m craving at the time..
        Kaki fruits ? My interest is peaked, I’m off to Google πŸ‡

        I’m not thinking that ripe plantains will be sweet in the raw.. So if you’re thinking of trying a raw piece, take just the tiniest of taste..


  1. Believe it or not, green plantains are easier to peel:)
    The twice-fry method is a must-do when frying green plantains; think about how much tastier Belgium/French frites taste compared to American French fries. It’s all in that technique of “blanching” in oil and then sitting a bit before refrying until crisp for best flavor and texture.

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    1. The recipe hadn’t called for them to rest.. I’ll have to try it the “correct” way, but if I don’t notice a big difference then I’ll be satisfied with the shortcut.. They were awfully good πŸ˜‰

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    2. This was a ripe plantain, I bet the green ones would be better that way.. The first plantain was green and a real bear to even get the piece of peel off that I wrestled with.. I wonder if a plantain can be too green..

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