Dragon Fruit

If you’ve never seen one before, isn’t that cool ? It looks like one of the alien foods served on any of the original  Star Trek episodes 😮 or an alien flower bud that’s going to kill the landing party’s expendable xtra with a poison gas poof..

I saw one for the first time a few months ago and picked 2 up.. And forgot about them.. The alien fruit had grown terrestrial mold on the outside, so I threw them away..

The other day while visiting dad, I picked a couple up more and today I ventured inside.. I did do a quick Google search so I would know the best way to get to the goods..

Its soft and easy to cut in half ( I cut lengthwise but it really doesn’t matter..

The dragon fruit is beautiful albeit resembling a TV show prop.. And the inside is dazzling in its simple black and white..

I read that people compare the taste to be between a kiwi and a pear.. I strongly disagree.. It has an ever so slight flowery taste, slightly sweet and what I can’t believe no one mentioned in my reading, an almost effervescent feel.. Remember pop rocks ? It’s much much much more subtle and effect though.. Very juicy but not drippy or sloppy.. Refreshing with no aftertaste.. There’s not much flavor but the flavor is unique.. The seeds are easily edible and doesn’t seem like your eating seeds at all..

I found an article that says a glaze of balsamic vinegar and simple syrup go great on it.. I’m defrosting chicken thighs now and am going to slay the other dragon to stuff the thighs with the fruit and inside and out with with the glaze 🤗


7 thoughts on “Dragon Fruit

  1. Do you store them in the refrigerator or open air? I bought one for us to try when my son was a little kid, just because they seemed so strange. I remember we enjoyed them tremendously, but they were a bit too pricey for regular consumption. Thanks for the inspiration to try them again!


    1. They are pricey if eating the fruit as is.. I find it a bargain chopped and mixed in a dip, it stretches the dip a lot, adds nice flavor and texture, very nutritious and adds no sugar to the dip..
      Bonus 2 colorful fruit bowls for one fruit that you can just toss away when done 😄

      I did keep them in the frig because I didn’t know how long it would be before using them.. They are not kept on the refrigerated section of produce in either store I bought them in, they were with the mangos, pineapple..

      I also imagine this would make an excellent healthy ambrosia..

      I think I’ll try that next time with fat free cottage cheese (pureed) and adding coconut flakes and just a bit of coconut cream to the pineapple and dragon fruit..

      I hope you try this, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed..

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      1. Please let me know what you think if you use as I have and if you’ve found another great way to incorporate it 😊
        I’m all for trying it almost any way..


    1. It’s nutritious and has lots of fiber low in sugar for a fruit.. I didn’t slay the other dragon last night but maybe this evening I will, I also have some plantains.. 😉

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