“Put The Lime In The Coconut”

-It is our happy hour and as I start perusing the beautiful liquor armoire that my husband built in lieu of a bar to see what looks good for my daily libation I spot the bottle of Malibu Rum and the limes on the counter for my husband’s favorite, Beefeater gin & tonic. Immediately, “that” song becomes a ear-worm in my mind. So I decide, what the heck, and do just that, put the lime in the coconut knowing it’s been done before but, I’ve never tried it and to my surprise it is as good as a Cuban Mojito without all the muss and fuss!



So here is my Lime In The Coconut Cocktail, Cheers!


1 lime, cut into 4 to 6 (depending on the size of the lime) lengthwise wedges.

Malibu Rum

ice cubes


In a small (4 oz) whiskey or mojito glass, squeeze one wedge of lime into the glass, add enough ice cubes to filling the glass about half of the way. Add enough Malibu Rum to fill to the top. Give a quick stir and, voila, an easy tropical libation!

And for your ear worm listening pleasure:

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