Blizzard Fixins

The first thing to do in a blizzard is come to terms with, you’re not going anywhere.  The states of Pa., N.Y. and where I presently sit, Ct are under a mandatory travel ban, only authorized and emergency vehicles are allowed on the road..

This is heavy wet snow and a lot of windy gusts..

The 2nd thing you do is get the outside necessities out of the way and get back in the toasty warmth asap.. Stewie must agree 😄 he made a beeline for the truck the minute he was done his business..

3rd on the blizzard to do list, is make some comfort food ! And pair it with a piping hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.. (I’m saving my hot chocolate moment for the brownies I’m making later..

I wanted something different, something new but not having to work for it.. I’m shut down in a blizzard, who wants to work on a snow day ?

I’m once again fortunate enough to have another experiment turn out pretty darn good.. It’s easy, tasty and just right.. Light enough to not bog you down after eating, heavy enough to give you comfort food fuzzies.. I guess I’ll call it,                                      Blizzard Stew

1 cup pasta

1 cup water

1  14.5oz can Margaret Holmes tomato, okra and corn

1/4 cup cottage cheese

Instant mashed potatoes, add to desired consistency

1 TB of butter or substitute

Pinch of salt

Add water, pasta, butter and salt to skillet

Cook on high, until pasta is slightly undergone for your preference

Turn down the heat, add veggies, juice too, and let simmer about 5 mins

Add cottage cheese

Add garlic to taste

Lastly, add instant potatoes sparingly as your thickener..



5 thoughts on “Blizzard Fixins

  1. I take it you have snow 😂 😂 😂- now shoot me … I know it is bad – Two Brains place is closed in Cambridge and I do, I honestly do sympathise and your recipes is frankly genius and give than the weather has a habit of blowing cross the Atlantic I may need it! Though Far East of France as we are at the mo it may not be too bad after all. Who knows – actually I DO know … we are tracking west to Marcolès tomorrow … it’s an open invitation!!! ❄️ 💨 ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

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    1. Almost everything is closed and the wind is just howling at times..
      I hope it misses you guys or that you only get a gentle version when it comes your way..
      The food pictured above is all gone 😁 (it’s a small frying pan !)
      I was hungry.. It was as tasty as it was easy to throw together..

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      1. Off to Marcolès tomorrow and will be utilising more of your tiny kitchen recipes … what you don’t know is that I access them when I am there because we are truly strapped for facilities if not space. Your ideas are my sanity!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I feel honored that you do that ! And tickled that it’s helpful, especially for sanity ! You could pick up any can you enjoy of mixed veggies and it should go well with the other ingredients..
        You honestly just made my day..
        * unashamedly pats self on back*

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