Pan’s Attempt at Korean Beef

Courtesy of Wishing Wells blog.. I’ve reblogged her easy and tasty recipe.. Please check it out, you’ll be glad you did..

I’m going to let pictures and 20170726_181515video show you how mine turned out..

First I washed and cut up the veggies, mixed marinade together and dropped in the beef.. Then I took Stewie swimming.. It’s the first time this year the river was slow enough.. But it was still pretty choppy.. Came back and used my charcoal starter, I love that thing.. Skewered the beef and veggies and put them to the grill.. This recipe is a huge thumbs up from me !!!


He was working harder and making less headway than normal because the river was pretty choppy

Time to start the grill, skewer and cook !

It was a delicious day and delicious meal..  I still have two kabobs left ! I’ll probably have them in a couple days.. Hannaford had N.Y. sirloin on sale today for $3.99 a pound.. The butcher happened to be cutting steaks at the time, he cut 2 thick slabs, trimmed and cubed them for me.. You can’t beat that with a stick 😄

I don’t know why some videos come out like this 😬

The first I can correct watching on my phone by switching the view mode back n forth.. The 2nd one won’t change at all.. Both videos were taken with the phone the same way and show in my gallery just fine.. If anyone can tell me how to correct this on WP, I’d very much appreciate it 😊

10 thoughts on “Pan’s Attempt at Korean Beef

  1. It is funny, I was just thinking about you and your wonderful videos, and first turn I make, and there one it!

    The pictures of the Korean beef look delicious! Yum!

    I am still stuck on the video. I would like to take the pictures that I send to Yaffa at camp, and add some background music to make a picture montage. Any suggestions???

    Yaffa doesn’t read, so I send her pictures of her favorite things and I try to add a funny caption. I figure that a picture is worth a thousand words.📷

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    1. Well it depends how you are going to send them and the device you have.. I do this on my Samsung 7.. Whole videos upload to WP, however, if I wanted to text or email a video to someone, it will only send a very few seconds.. I’ll be glad to try and help you if you’d like..
      If you’re doing this on a smartphone, it should have a video editor in the menu, when you pull up a video.. For single photos it should have something similar to make a slideshow or as in my phone, “create a story”..
      Let me know how I can help and I’ll do my best..

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      1. Thank you! I was trying to find the right app. Yaffa is in camp and every day I send her a picture. I thought it would make a cute video. Sorry for not responding sooner. Now, for some reason, I am not getting notified when I get a comment from WordPress. I wonder if something changed? It must be something with the settings??? I can’t figure it out.🤔

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      2. Sometimes I miss the email but when I check msgs in WP they are there in order.. I use the video editor that is preloaded on my phone.. If you’d like, you can just post any questions in the comments here and I’ll give it a whirl.. If I don’t have an answer, maybe someone else that does will answer..


  2. Scrumbumtuous! I’m going to be trying this myself, probably today and my mouth is already watering. I loved the videos but I’m afraid I can’t shed any light on what the upload issue is ….. good luck with that one! 😯

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    1. I thought I already replied to your comment.. But must’ve forgot to hit send.. ( it’s Weird Guy’s fault ! We got to talking while I was typing 😤)
      I hope you were able to make it ! If so, how did it rate on your personal palette ?


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