Something I noticed while reading the horrific mass shooting

I heard a blurb on the radio about another mass church shooting, so I went online and Google searched those words.. After reading this current senseless murder spree, I hit the back button and just stared at the results screen.. Then I noticed a result that shows the story was reported 1 day ago by … Continue reading Something I noticed while reading the horrific mass shooting


I think many are missing just how much privacy we've freely given up, despite the empty rantings of some politicians claiming we need our protections again.. These are rights and should have never been made vulnerable.. But yet money and greed, as usual has won out.. Victo has very well summed up the constant invasions … Continue reading Biometrified

Cee’s SYW Challenge..

Cee's Challenge is about what we appreciate outdoors, do we prefer being passenger or driver more..  I'm taking the oopportunity, especially of this challenge to catch up my wonderful readers on my appreciation trip this last 2 weeks.. I've been in 3 hospitals now over 2 weeks.. Was heliported to Portland, Me where they did … Continue reading Cee’s SYW Challenge..

A Little Help From My Friends ?

It's been slow progress this year and the year is half over.. But hopefully all that is about to change.. I purchased a couple of things to help me with my projects.. I'm also looking to the brain power of WP..the readers.. WP folks are collectively smarter and kinder than any social type media, regardless … Continue reading A Little Help From My Friends ?

Pan’s Attempt at Korean Beef

Courtesy of Wishing Wells blog.. I've reblogged her easy and tasty recipe.. Please check it out, you'll be glad you did.. I'm going to let pictures and video show you how mine turned out.. First I washed and cut up the veggies, mixed marinade together and dropped in the beef.. Then I took Stewie swimming.. … Continue reading Pan’s Attempt at Korean Beef

Korean Beef

I made this today and I’ll show my attempt in a separate post.. But I will let this wonderful blogger teach you the recipe in her own words.. It’s wonderful and easy.. You couldn’t ask for more from a recipe..

Wishing Wells Life


I love this recipe. It’s sweet and salty. It’s just amazing. One thing I really like about this recipe is that we can put it in the freezer with the marinade and when we defrost it it’s instant marinade. It’s a great recipe!

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup (I use a little more) Pear

2 tablespoons sesame oil

3 cloves garlic

1/4 cup finely chopped onion

1 1/2 teaspoons minced ginger

1 tablespoon dark brown sugar

dash of pepper

Mix all ingredients and marinade for the day.

Cook on grill, in the oven, or stir fry,

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Thru the Waterfall

  It was a rough week and last night was the icing on the cake.. First time at this brand new facility and they had a cornucopia of glitches.. The yard truck broke on first shift, that got fixed but the 2nd shift yard dog called out sick.. The power went out twice and crashed … Continue reading Thru the Waterfall

My Wildflowers

They might not be many but they dot my property around the cabin and are spreading every year.. Wildflowers only need protecting.. My kind of flower garden 👍 Hoping to concentrate my efforts on a varied fruit and veggie  garden next year.. I tossed some old seeds to see if any would take.. Something did … Continue reading My Wildflowers

Pondering on Pesticides

Washing fruits and veggies is normal practice.. The effectiveness depends on the way we wash them.. Cold water soak followed by flushing water and rubbing seem to be the best.. But many people use either a salt, vinegar or lemon solution to break down the wax, when applicable.. The link below is from Consumers Report … Continue reading Pondering on Pesticides