Homemade Keurig Hot Cocoa

I think my impatience made the words and pictures disappear when I edited the post to show in the Drink Up category .. oops 😁 So here's the recipe again 1 single serve coffee maker 1 mug 1/2 mug half n half at room temperature 1/2 mug water 1 small pat of salted butter at … Continue reading Homemade Keurig Hot Cocoa

Fresh Roasted Coffee Returns To Key West

Absolutely no greater foodie pleasure for me is a cup of perfectly brewed French-Pressed coffee from quality beans that are fresh and expertly roasted (local, didn't sit on the grocer's shelf for weeks) and ground slighty coarse. I haven't been able to enjoy this quilty pleasure since I lived in the Philadelphia area and could … Continue reading Fresh Roasted Coffee Returns To Key West

Cuban Coffee – Cortadito

1 cup of water 8 tablespoons of finely ground Cuban Coffee (Cafe Bustelo, Pilon, etc) 8 - 12 tablespoons of Demerara sugar (or sugar in the raw) 2 cups of hot milk Directions: Put the coffee into the Espresso filter basket in your espresso maker along with 1 cup of cold water into the bottom … Continue reading Cuban Coffee – Cortadito

Southern Sweet Tea

-nothing beats this sweet and strong iced tea Β on a hot summer day. Remember the adage: [The Hotter The Weather, The Sweeter The Tea] MY FAVORITE BREW: In a half gallon pitcher, place 3 Luzianne (tied together) family-sized tea bags; fill container half way with boiled water that was allowed to sit a minute before … Continue reading Southern Sweet Tea