Springfield, Mo. Style Cashew Chicken

I've been wanting to try this recipe since I found it but just didn't get around to it until today.. I'm on a 34 hr. reset so time was on my side.. I needed to look it up again and found a website called Feast that got it from food.com.. One thing I sorely miss … Continue reading Springfield, Mo. Style Cashew Chicken

Chicken Lo Mein @ home

March is Spring Break in the Florida Keys. It is the one month we pretty much steer clear of the city as much as possible. Not that the Spring Breakers are destructive but, they are a loud and rowdy bunch:) My husband and I were craving one of our favorite Chinese Restaurant dishes Chicken Lo … Continue reading Chicken Lo Mein @ home

Crock Pot Chicken with Light and Fluffy Dumplings

-Believe it or not, you can feel a seasonal change in the air today. The usual warm breezes have a slight, and trust me not unwelcome, chill to them. Late October through late April in the Florida Keys brings mostly sunny days, low humidity and moderate temps (60F-80F). In celebration of the upcoming arrival of … Continue reading Crock Pot Chicken with Light and Fluffy Dumplings

Quick & Easy Spicy Honey-Cajun Grilled Chicken Legs

Ingredients: 7-14 chicken legs Slap Ya Mama (or your favorite Cajun seasoning) Glaze: 1/2 cup Bees Knees Spicy Honey (or mix a little cayenne powder with your favorite honey) 2 TBSP cider vinegar Directions: Sprinkle chicken legs liberally with Cajun Seasoning. Grill chicken legs over hot coals/high heat until well browned on one side, using … Continue reading Quick & Easy Spicy Honey-Cajun Grilled Chicken Legs

Smoked Chicken Gravy (Bohra Style)

This recipe has some really awesome methods, so much so, I had to reblog this 😄

The Mint Thief

This recipe brings chicken curry to the next level by using smoking (dhungar) technique. The chicken is cooked in cashew & dried red chilli paste.DSC_3175_FotorI love to cook,I dream about food; I really do. But then there are days when I run out of ideas on what to make for dinner. It makes me want to run away from all this and never come back.

On those days this Bohri-Style Smoked Chicken Gravy comes to my rescue. This smoked chicken is one of my best, quick and easiest chicken preparations. This is something I learned from my Mom-in-law. It’s my husband’s favorite as well. It’s a perfect comfort meal for such lazy days.

DSC_3072_FotorBohra Cuisine chicken gravies are mostly cashew / almond based. Creamy cashews / almond add a velvety richness to this flavorful Bohra-Style Chicken Gravy. It compliments very well with chapati’s, naan or rice pulao. Smoking technique adds a unique delicious dimension! Usually as I cook, the…

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Chicken Saltimbocca

-an easy to prepare Italian classic Ingredients: 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, lengthwise halved, trimmed of all fat and sinew, pounded to evenly flatten, making six cutlets sea salt coarse ground black pepper 6 paper-thin slices prosciutto 1 (10-ounce) box frozen chopped spinach, thawed 3 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 cup grated Parmesan 1 (14-ounce) container … Continue reading Chicken Saltimbocca

Chicken Ratatouille

-a healthy, hearty and super quick meal; perfect after a busy day of fun in the sun.  Happy Weekend! Take drippings from one roasted whole chicken (the kind you purchase from the deli section of the grocery store) and put in sauté pan. Debone the chicken and cut useable chicken into bite-size chunks. Discard carcass … Continue reading Chicken Ratatouille

Hail, Caesar!

-not the Roman emperors, but that delicious garlicky, chock full of Parmesan salad flavor that tastes so good on not only romaine but appetizers, entrees and this delicious variation of a club sandwich... Fried Chicken Caesar Club Ingredients: 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, sliced in half lengthwise to create four thinner cutlets and then slightly … Continue reading Hail, Caesar!

It’s Mexican Monday! Key West-Style Spicy Chicken Quesadillas

-makes six quesadillas/24 wedges Ingredients: 3 tablespoons Tamari sauce 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon olive oil zest of one lime juice of one lime 3 garlic cloves, peeled 2 TBSP Sriracha sauce 1 teaspoon fine grain sea salt 2 lbs chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch chunks 1 jar roasted red peppers, drained and chopped 2 … Continue reading It’s Mexican Monday! Key West-Style Spicy Chicken Quesadillas