Maybe Everyone Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote…

Oh Geez, is all I can say.  Just had to share the following article.  Not only did it make me laugh out loud but, also, changed my mind that everyone should be allowed to vote! Hysterically Yours 😂

Beautiful Day To Sail On A Schooner

Today my husband and I sailed on the America 2.0 in the Key West Wreckers Cup Race. The America 2.0 is a beautiful state-of-the-art schooner and so fast on the water she only had one real competitor, which she managed to outrun for the cup.  The water and sky were so beautiful today, I just … Continue reading Beautiful Day To Sail On A Schooner

The Electoral College: For or Against

I've always thought that members of the electoral college should vote the way of their state's popular vote or abstain.  Truthfully, I really couldn't remember much about why it was created in the first place so  I decided to do a little web surfing for some answers... *The electoral college consists of 538 electors, and … Continue reading The Electoral College: For or Against

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

I sincerely thank Embeece for nominating MunchKinOnThe Road's blog entries for Pan's "On The Road Cooking". Check out Emceebee's blog at “Mystery Blogger Award”  was created by: Three things about me... -One word that probably describes me best is "eclectic". In music, art, food and even friends. Variety truly is the spice in my life. … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

Laughter Is The Best Medicine…

I've always found that to be true when any situation is out of your control.  Today that situation is Hurricane Matthew.  We are prepared but, fingers and toes are still crossed the The Lower Keys remain out of Matthew's reach! For comic relief here is a cute tutorial on the difference in storm intensity levels:

Bastille Day

As per Pan's request, here is my watercolor version of a print I loved in the French Cookery section of the original Encyclopedia of Cookery.  So one football Sunday when my husband and his friends were watching a game I had no interest in I decided to paint the picture before the cookbook totally fell … Continue reading Bastille Day