bounty – of earth & sky

I hear there’s a bounty on my womb.A high price in the currencyof power and control.In the currencyof violenceand cowardice. You want to make a home in this body.Penetrate it with your power and lustand demand I carry the seed you’ve plantedpretending to protect the sacredwhen we both knowyour concern is for birthand not for… … Continue reading bounty – of earth & sky

The Real Treasure of the Caribbean: Haiti, Part 3. Liberty Soup.

Wonderful recipe and peek into Haitian history and culture!


The final and the most important installment of this set of recipes (for Part 1, click here; for Part 2, click here) is unique – where else do you see a dish that symbolizes liberty? On January 1st, Haitians celebrate not only the beginning of a new year, but first and foremost, the beginning of their country’s independence, and they celebrate it by eating Soup Joumou – the pumpkin soup, or yellow soup, as they call it.


The Statue of the Unknown Maroon (runaway slave), by Haitian sculptor A. Mangones, proudly stands in front of the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince as a symbol of the Haitian slave revolution that won Haiti her freedom in 1804 and thus created the second independent nation after the United States. No wonder this unique historical event is celebrated by a unique dish, a combination of soup and stew, but more on the…

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An Early Thank You and Asking for Your Help

I know you can! 🚂

Cee's Photo Challenges

Since  October 10, 2013 we have had a lot of fun with my challenges on my blog.  You you all have graced me with 986,220 total views.  A number that seemed way out reach and impossible.  You have all made 1,000,000 views possible and in less than five years.  Each one of your views and comments keep me inspired to keep blogging.  You all bring so much joy to my day.  I adore our little conversations or big ones and the friendships I have made throughout the world.

I need your help, I would like to see that magic number of One Million this month, all I need is another 13,780 views.  I’m not sure how I will celebratewithyouall, but I will come up with a way for us all to celebrate together.  Suggestions are always helpful!

In adoration of you all.  Thank you from the bottom…

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Tropical Appetizer and the Fruit of Love

What healthy deliciousness!


A legend of true and undying love that emerges from the mango tree is found in old Sanskrit tradition.  Once upon the time, the daughter of the sun, Surya Bai, transformed herself into a golden lotus to evade persecution of an evil sorceress. The sorceress became angry when the King of the land fell in love with the beautiful lotus, and she burnt it to ashes. Lo and behold, a gorgeous mango tree sprang from the ashes, and Surya Bai stepped out from a ripe mango that had fallen to the ground. The King instantly recognized her as his long lost wife, and the two rejoiced (

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Yes, Beautiful People, mango came to us from India where it is still considered a symbol of love. It did not appear in Florida until the 19th century, but we still love it. In fact, we adore it to the point that a…

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flags and Banners

The Conch Republic flag; and their best town motto of all time (this is a photograph of a Key West motto banner I superimposed on a graphic for extra impact.  Wish this was the world’s motto  ✌️