Space is always on my mind when adding anything to go into the truck. Food, clothes, even entertainment. A 26in flat screen tv is awesome for a truck !

But when deciding to cook in a truck, its not as easy as a flat screen tv/dvd combo and dvds.

No matter which cooking vessels or equipment you decide, the basics are the utensils you cook with.

Mine are :

1 wooden slotted spatula

1 wooden slotted spoon

1 stainless steel garlic press

1 silicone whisk

1 pair of kitchen shears

Knives (cleaver, chopping knife, 2 steak knives)

2 silicon spatulas (slotted and solid)

2 silicon spoons (slotted and solid)

1 silcon tongs

1 cheese grater

1 stainless steel can opener

4 forks, spoons and butter knives

All fit neatly inside a drawer.

I found if you wrap the wooden utensils and keep the whisk away from the metal utensils, they stay much nicer looking, otherwise the metal against them can ugly out the others with black streaks.

I keep the drawer in a cabinet next to 4 Corelle plates and bowls.

Other bowls for storage ( I find the square Β with a locking cap the best ), I keep behind them.

1 10 in. stainless steel skillet Β ( tossed the teflon for good )

1 anodized 2 quart saucepan

1 dishpan that also stores dry goods when not in use.

1 small bottle of ultra concentrated dish soap, stored in dish pan

And that’s pretty much it for the basics.

Whether you microwave β¬… not for me, not versitile enough, use gas or electric, I use both, the basics will work mostly with all 3.

10 thoughts on “My Tiny Kitchen Essentials

  1. Nice setup! I’ve spent some time aboard sailboats on the open ocean, so it’s the same idea–only you also have to find space for all of the actual food you’re going to eat until your next land sighting. My little cabin in the woods only has about 5 feet of counter space, but every time I curse the tiny kitchen, I think about how much bigger it is than the boat galley!

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    1. πŸ˜‚ We probably have about the same countertop space in our mobile kitchens.. I have a foot and a half.. And that’s when I move my portable gas burner off of it when I’m prepping food..

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    1. No microwave.. its a convection toaster oven only.. yes on the gas burner..

      Don’t I wish I had a sink ! πŸ˜„

      Just gallons of water and a big dishpan 😊

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      1. I have a large cutting board glued to the top of my double door cabinet.. it serves as a prep place, then as the spot the burner sits on while in use.. I have my small Keurig attached to it on one corner, that stays put.. The convection oven sits on 4 stackable drawers that are double stacked and the oven stays there.. above is where the dishpan is in the upper cabinet filled with little things I need daily for cleanup.. Doing the dishes is pretty easy, I try and clean as I go, using as few things to dirty as I can.. food chopper and blender are in a overhead that wraps around above the seat area.. So are tall bottles like oils/vinegar/tamari.. spices have 2 drawers.. I love my spices πŸ˜‚
        Sugar, flours, canned goods, teas, coca powder, pastas are in another cabinet above the fridge.. on the fridge there’s 2 medium size drawers stacked on each other.. those are the main spices I use.. the top drawer is for pjs and unmentionables πŸ˜„

        I think that about covers it for how my tiny kitchen is set up 😊

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      2. Hope this reply goes in the right spot πŸ˜… I’ve been missing the mark since I’ve been back on.. Stackable pots eh ? I have always liked the look of hanging pots n pans, especially copper clad.. I’m thinking of doing that in my cabin since the kitchen will be of modest size but I think the open floor plan will help it fit in.. In my mind it does ! πŸ˜„


  2. Thank you so much Jane πŸ’š

    My dad just got me the nuwave portable induction burner.. I don’t have it in the truck yet but am so excited after seeing some youtube reviews and “how tos”..
    I’ll still keep my gas burner as a backup and extra burner.. But the induction method looks to be lots more control and much safer than gas, especially for portable cooking.. Since I’ve changed back to stainless steel cookware and gadgets, they’re interchangeable with both burners.. I fell head overs heels with my convection toaster oven, I think this just might be that good all over again..
    At least that’s what I’m hoping for.. I should be back home at the end of the month for a visit and it will be on board when I leave.. πŸ‘


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