The only award that counts..

Of course that’s my opinion..

The bloggers you find listed here have merited my recognition for blogging excellence..

Not all the blogs I’ll follow will be listed, although  I only follow great blogs.

These bloggers are the Prime Rib of bloggers.. Or the icing on the cake.. The perfect pairing with a vintage wine..

They add new tastes to the pallet of the hungry reader..

Please read the short descriptions of what I find so interesting about each of them, then click and be ready to devour some of the best reading and visuals on the blogoshere smorgasbord..

Update : If the owner of a blog listed here prefers to be removed, you can put your request in the comments on this page or email me directly and I will remove the link and comments asap.. I had one such request and promptly complied..

Who is Buddy Foster ?

This blog is written by a very clever cat with the aid of his person.. From what I understand about cats, people don’t have cats.. Cats have people.. It’s written in a whimsical and witty first person account.. um.. I mean cat.. Buddy’s person is going to broaden the blog to include info and help about feline friends.. I hope Buddy doesn’t give her a hard time about using his page.. Give it a click and enjoy some light and fun reading..

Special thanks to Brenda ( Buddy’s person ) for helping me over the hurdles of my techy ignorance..


The post I chose to link to is the first one I read of this special lady and the one that hooked me.. Her writing and photography gives you a grand tour of the world and people uniquely thru her eyes and impressions of her experiences .. You’ll go back for more.

And Osyth is unwittingly responsible for the naming of this prestigious award..

Weird Guy with the Dog

C’mon, how can you resist not clicking a blog title like that ? You’ll roll down the road in a way you never have before in this blog with some breathtaking photography and passionate writing..


I just want to tell you stories

That is the mantra for this beautiful blog.. Kerry is a diamond .. Ironically, the least of her many facets is potentially life saving for people who need a new insight into their own suffering.. But I linked to Kerry’s travel page, because it’s the first I read and I think it’s the best way to dip your toes into this blog..  Oddly enough, though I found and have been enjoying this blog for awhile now, somehow I missed clicking follow.. I’ve corrected that mistake..


A picture is worth a thousand words.. A picture with a few words placed in select different settings, is worth taking note and action to provide answers locally to a world problem.. If we all just open our eyes.. IMPREIENT  opens our eyes by showing us where we walk in the midst of this problem.. It’s reawakened my sense of duty and compassion to take action.. We all, no matter our current status in life, can have it all taken away in an instant in this topsy turvy world.. Will someone be there to help if it does ? With artists like this, yes.. The art touches your heart..

Dan is the Man

If you want to milk your creative juices and/or learn how to do just that, Dan is your “go to” guy.. And the best part is, he makes it fun and challenging.. Literally with storylines that he outlines the parameters for you to write.. This is where thinking outside the box and coloring within the lines meet 👍 His site is so much more too.. The link takes you to one of his challenges.. I tried my hand at the challenge, so go and watch me sink or swim 😄

No Catchy Phrase Link

Because I’m overwhelmed by the heart that goes into this blog.. I’m way behind in adding awesome blogs to the Pan Award.. But this made me stop in my tracks.. This is a blog, very well done, about a family’s journey overcoming the trials of autism.. Autism is so prevalent these days, I find the information, support and stories a treasure for parents..

Ohm sweet ohm

I’ve been terrible about keeping up my links page and it’s almost criminal that I haven’t added Alan to this page. The link is to his “about me” page.. You will find pictures that say 1,000 words or more and stories that you wish would go on for thousands of words..

25 thoughts on “Pan Global Award

  1. OK, I’m finally getting caught up! You know what its like living on the road! Thanks for the nod, and next time its not Denny’s, you can whip up something from your truck kitchen! I look forward to it!


      1. I’ll have to try and create something new and I know you’ll share it, so it’ll be called,
        Vinny’s Vittles.. 😄


  2. Pan, I just discovered this. What a neat idea and Buddy is so proud to be included! He says Meownk you.
    I gave you such terribly long instructions because I was thinking you wanted to do something else. I guess you discovered it was really quite simple. I just like to confuse people.
    I must check out the other blogs to see who we are deemed to be the equal of. Buddy is now enjoying snow for the first time after being a housecat for five years. More on that to come. Hopefully the Who is Buddy Foster will attract visiters to his site.
    Keep on Truckin and Cookin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you did help me ! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have known the lingo to look for in my search.. You taught me more than you know..
      😊 Glad Buddy is experiencing snow can’t wait to see pics, you had to take pics ! I believe you’ll find yourself following the others here.. 👍


  3. I finally figured out where this was and thank you so much. I intended to just focus on travel stories but then realized that my real life stories were what the readers liked and enjoy sharing and helping. I am endlessly fascinated by what you manage to cook in a truck!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What I find so awesome about your blog is that your stories in life and travel are both adventures.. You and Osyth are of the same caliber AND vastly different.. Which makes you two great blogs to follow without becoming redundant reading..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s amazing compliment for Osyth and I. We need to start organizing a Las Vegas blog fest (like they have in Ireland) so that we can meet each other. Wouldn’t it be funny if we couldn’t stand each other in person??? 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hahahahaha, ohhhh myyyyyy… That’d be awful but yep hysterical too.. but more awful.. you made me laugh right out loud !
        You and Osyth would be amazing to meet.. 👍
        But I have a hard time boarding Stewie.. He doesn’t do well when I’m gone.. Wonder if you and Osyth would fly up to Bangor ? We have a casino, that I’ve never been to 😂 closeby..

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I guarantee that there isn’t one word of flattery or fluff in the descriptions.. And thats the best part of this page.. I don’t have to work at it to find the words.. or try and be nice trying to lessen the blow of a criticism.. I wrote you all exactly how your blogs impact me and why I read them 👍
    And yes wine improves with age and it can go rancid.. But I don’t see that as an issue here 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you so much for flattering me with this award. I am really touched and thrilled that you think some of your readers might like my drivvel too …. I will take some time later in the week to read the other blogs who have achieved this pinnacle of recognition. I like being a vintage wine by the way …. hopefully it means I’m an improver 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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